Warehouse Management Module

Warehouse Management SAVES MONEY

Labor Costs Savings

Optimize Workforce


Staff members will be automatically directed through each step of their workday, reducing human error and optimizing their time. The fastest picking route is automatically calculated from warehouse flow planning. Finds the possible solution to the problem, tracking and reducing the travel range of each individual on the warehouse floor.


Optimize spending by planning by day, shift job, and zone and Forecast, plan, and reschedule faster.

Shipping Savings from Precision Timing

Standardize and Optimized Packaging


By prioritizing orders based on the projected packing process from intuitive data, you can ensure that a package never goes out late.

Improving Shipping Efficiency & Accuracy


Multiple orders can be fulfilled simultaneously, maximize deliveries per route saving on shipping costs, and in charge of your shipping information and scheduling, you can use it to ensure that packages go out on time.

Process Optimization Savings

Warehouse Space Utilization, Picker Productivity,
and Inventory Availability


The actual warehouse can be optimized to keep fast-moving versus slow-moving stock in the correct places, avoiding excessive movement within the warehouse. As well as reducing accident risks and making stock-taking easier to conduct, reducing shrinkage risk.

Better Return Processing


Comprehensive returns management operation, fueled by the right technology and process, can lead to significant savings that products can be resold.

Recovering Errors Savings

Error Reduction

Every error that occurs in your warehouse requires correction at a later point in time. This is a massive systemic inefficiency that sees you losing hours on a daily basis.


Help you to reduce your risk of errors in the first place and to automatically identify errors so that they can be fixed promptly and accurately. The less duplicate work that has to be done, the more time you save to better direct, and the more money you save to keep in the business.

Warehouse Management System

Well-designed warehouse management system(WMS) can be one of the most significant investments
you can make in the overall operation of your distribution centers.
APN Warehouse Management Module comes with a suite of features to streamline order management.

Inventory Management

Track goods and materials by bin location, serial number, or lot number to locate inventory items quickly.

Warehouse Design

Optimize the layout of your warehouse to maximize storage space and customize picking logic. This can include pallet configurations, bin slotting, and wave picking.

Receiving and Putaway

Ensure a quick, frictionless inventory transfer to the most convenient spot possible in the warehouse for future retrieval and replenishment.


Send bills-of-lading ahead of shipment, automatically generate shipping invoices, and send shipping notifications to retailers or customers.

Labor Management

Help warehouse managers assess employees’ productivity by tracking. This can lead to more flexible and cost-effective workforce planning and reduce employee downtime.


Spot inefficiencies and track inventory analysis metrics in real-time rather than wait for a cumbersome spreadsheet’s manual status reports.

Warehouse Optimization

Optimizing your warehouse operation involves
fine-tuning each of the six core warehouse management processes.


Check-in and log incoming items. Verify that you’re receiving the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right time.


Move items from the receiving dock to their correct storage locations.


Safely store and logically arrange inventory to enable fast and accurate picking. Considerations include safety, space, and efficiency.


Collect the items needed to fulfill sales orders.
This is one of the most crucial steps in the whole process because it is directly tied to customer satisfaction.


Prepare the picked items for shipment. They must be safely packed into the correct packaging with an accurate packing slip.


Send out the finalized orders while ensuring that the appropriate transportation mode is utilized to bring the items to the customers.

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